Unidrive M200 Series AC Drives

The Control Techniques Unidrive M200

The Control Techniques Unidrive M200 series AC drive is designed specifically for industrial applications. Led by the results of extensive customer-driven market research, each Unidrive M model is tailored to specific application needs identified within industry.

Unidrive M200 gives you freedom to connect with many of the common fieldbuses using the modular ‘SI’ interface port. It can communicate with SI-Ethernet, SI-EtherCAT, SI-PROFINET, SI-PROFIBUS, SI-CANopen and SI-DeviceNet. The AI-485 Adaptor option can also connect to RS485 networks using Modbus RTU.

Unidrive M200 – Machine integration and communications

  • Motor control performance is improved
  • Additional I/O
  • New networking capabilities
  • Easily upgradable from Commander SK systems

Unidrive M200 – enhanced features

  • Less machine down time through remote communication diagnostics
  • A configurable I/O which adds flexibility
  • Greatly improved system integration through additional I/O SI modules, optional click-in Ethernet, and fieldbus.
  • Utilized closed loop current control, and performance enhanced by RFCA vector algorithm.

Unidrive M200 – Easy to set-up 

  • Designed to make set-up as simple as possible.
  • Many applications require changing just a few settings.
  • Adjustments are easy with the keypad and clear step-by-step guide.
  • Useful parameter guide located on the front of the drive.
  • Concise parameter set for ease of use.
  • For fast, batch production, parameters can be transferred to new drives using standard SD card with AI-Backup module or AI-Smart adaptor.

Unidrive M200 – Save energy 

  • Low power standby mode – drives can sit idle for significant periods.
  • Automatic 3-speed cooling fan –intelligently responds to load.
  • Square law V/F mode – optimized for quadratic loads like pumps and fans.
  • Dynamic V/F mode – keeps energy usage and motor losses to a minimum.
  • Unidrive M is 98% efficient – only 2% energy is lost in the conversion process across the drive.

Unidrive M200 – Upgrade from Commander SK

  • This is the default Commander SK migration product
  • Matched feature set with enhancements

Common Applications – fans, positive displacement pumps, mixers, and conveyors. Used in systems controlled remotely through Ethernet communications or fieldbus.

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Showing 1–12 of 21 results