Industrial DC Motor - Sicme RA Series

DC Industrial Motor – Sicme RA Series

DC Industrial Motor - Sicme RA Series


Do you need to replace your old DC Industrial motor?

Drives and Automation are an industry leading supplier of the world class powerful square frame DC Industrial motor RA Series from Sicme Motori (Sicme Orange1).

The square frame design enables a more powerful DC Industrial motor in a smaller size than traditional round frame options.

When used along side a modern DC drive, a DC industrial electric motor offers you high performance which is suitable for industry applications such as extruders, paper lines and lifts.

Variable speed DC Industrial  Motors give high performance at low speeds which makes them suitable for applications such as coiler and winder operations where there is a requirement to maintain tension at standstill.

What applications can these motors be used on?

The RA Series of DC Industrial Motors from Sicme Motori (Sicme Orange1) are general purpose square frame DC Industrial motors suitable for a variety of applications including:

Cable transport
Machine tools
Sheet metal working machines
Plastic extruders
Blow moulding machines
Amusement rides
Woven wire manufacturing machines
Thread/cable manufacturing machines
Steel/copper cable working machines
Board working machines

Industrial DC Motor - Sicme RA Series


A little bit more information..

All Sicme RA Series DC Industrial Motors are suitable for either clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation without adjustment (as the brushes are radial), and they are generally tuned in the Test Room for this operating condition. In special cases, when the direction of rotation is defined, upon request, Test Room tuning can be carried out for one direction only.

IEC 60034-1 Standards
Fully laminated frame
Insulation class F
2 pole
Standard (non compensated winding).
Balancing A degree (ISO2373) with half key
Monolitic brush
Constant pressure brush-holders
Terminal box on top
Vacuum Pressure Impregnation
Standard arrangement uses ball bearings on both DE and NDE, grease lubricated for “life”, totally shielded on both sides (2Z type).
The standard mounting solution is IM 1001 mounting form (B3 according to UNEL 05513). Most of the forms of construction and mounting are available. For other forms of construction, please ask our sales. A second shaft end is also available on request.

Operating environment:

It is assumed that the environment is:
dry, i.e. with relative humidity of the air below 75%. However, an excessively dry atmosphere (below 20% relative humidity) can cause commutating difficulty (excessive brush wear).
clean, i.e. without appreciable quantities of dust and dirt in general, suspended in the air.
free of chemical agents, i.e. without concentrations of gas or vapours that could chemically harm the copper, iron, aluminium,paints and insulation.

Sicme RA Series DC Industrial Motors can also be installed in difficult environments (damp, dusty, chemically harmful, etc.) but in this case the degree of protection, method of cooling and possibly the choice of materials must be agreed upon prior to ordering.

You can install Sicme RA Series DC Industrial Motors in environments with temperature down to –15°C and stored in environments with temperature down to –30°C.

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