The SI-I/O module is programmable and will give the following extra I/O.

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The Control Techniques / NIDEC Unidrive M SI-IO communications module. Use with the Unidrive M200/M201, M300, M400, M600 and M700 and Commander C200

Unidrive M’s extended I/O interface module increases the number of I/O points on a drive. All connections from the option module to the drive are made via the drive connector. Connections from external equipment to the SI-I/O are made via a 3-way pluggable screw connector for the two relays and an 11-way pluggable screw connector for the digital and analog I/O.

Features include:

  • 4 x Digital inputs/outputs
  • 3 x Analog inputs (default) / Digital inputs
  • 1 x Analog output (default)* / Digital input 2 x Relays


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