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Type: AC Motor

Manufacturer: TEC

Output: 0.75kW

Mounting: B3 (other mounting options available, see selection list below).

Frequency: 50 -60hz

Construction: Aluminium

Frame Size: 802-4

Phase: 3 Phase

Insulation Class: F

Efficiency: IE3

Select your Mounting Option:


A TEC 0.75kW, 4 pole, Aluminium AC motor, IP55 with multimount frame offering a wide variety of mounting options, PTC thermistors fitted as standard.

TEC IE3 High Efficiency 0.75kW 3 phase 4 Pole AC Induction Motor, with a choice of mounts, for use with a 400V 3 phase supply. Inverter Rated for use with either a Variable Frequency Inverter Drive (VFD) or with a fixed frequency mains supply at 50Hz. IP55, IE3 Efficiency with PTC thermistors fitted. Aluminium multi mount construction in IEC frame

IP55 as standard, a totally enclosed motor, fan cooled, protected against penetration from dust and water ingress coming from any direction. IC 411 cooling & PTC thermistors fitted as standard.

This lightweight yet rugged ECOL 0.75 kW "TA" motor is the latest in high efficiency aluminium design from the factory. These motors are suitable for many applications including pumps, fans, compressors, mining, agricultural, maritime, hydraulic and many more.

 Power   0.75 kW   Type   3 phase Aluminium IE3   Poles   4
  Rotation Speed   1440 | 1728   Frame Size   802-4   Model T3A 802-4
  Frame Construction   Aluminium   Rated Current   3.29 | 1.9   Net Weight   11.7 kg
  Input Voltage   230 | 400   Duty   S1   Protection   IP55


  B3 mount   0.7543tecab3-ie3
  B34 mount   0.7543tecab34-ie3
  B34B mount   0.7543tecab34b-ie3
  B35 mount   0.7543tecab35-ie3
  B35R mount   0.7543tecab35r-ie3
  B14 mount   0.7543tecab14-ie3
  B14B mount   0.7543tecab14b-ie3
  B5 mount   0.7543tecab5-ie3
  B5R mount   0.7543tecab5r-ie3


  B3 mount   ta80b3
  B34 mount   ta80b34
  B34B mount   ta80b34b
  B35 mount   ta80b35
  B35R mount   ta80b35r
  B14 mount   ta80b14
  B14B mount   ta80b14b
  B5 mount   ta80b5
  B5R mount   ta80b5r

Mounting options

B3 Foot Mount   B3 Foot Mount
B35 Foot and Flange Mount   B35 Foot and Flange mount
B14 Face Mount   B14 Face mount
B34 Foot and Face Mount   B34 Foot and Face mount
B5 Flange Mount   B5 Flange mount

Additional information



Frame Size



B14, B14B, B3, B35, B35R, B5, B5R

Output Speed

1500 rpm