SICME MOTORI MQ SERIES Asynchronous Vectorial AC Motor MQ132S 31kW @ 1500rpm IP 23

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Sicme Motori MQ Series Asynchronous Vectorial AC Motor Frame Size 132, 400V, 23kW @ 1500 RPM, also available in other sizes, speeds & powers. IC06 Cooling.

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Sicme Motori MQ Series Industrial Square Frame AC Motor - Frame Size 132S

Typical specification is 31kW @ 1500rpm with a 3x400V Inverter Supply. Other winding options available in table below. Please select which winding you require on the winding option dropdown when ordering your motor.

3 x 400V Inverter Supply 
Winding Nominal Speed


Nominal Power P


Nominal Torque Maximum Torque Inertia Nominal Voltage Nominal Current Nominal freq.


Max Speed

(Nominal mechanical power at the shaft for service factor S1)

Max Speed

(Maximum mechanical speed not in continuous duty)

132 S E2 850 19 213 340 0,086 385 40 30.3 1400 7000
132 S EC 1000 22 210 340 0,086 385 45 35.3 1700 7000
132 S E3 1250 27 206 340 0,086 400 52 43.5 1500 7000
132 S FB 1500 31 197 340 0,086 400 59 51.9 1700 7000
132 S F2 1800 35 186 340 0,086 400 67 61.8 2200 7000
132 S F4 2050 39 182 340 0,086 400 75 70 2600 7000
132 S G1 2450 43 168 340 0,086 400 83 83.3 3100 7000
132 S GB 3000 49 156 340 0,086 400 93 101.5 3900 7000

Many other kWs, frames and speeds available, see our Sicme MQ Series AC Motor Selection help for more detail, please contact us if you have a requirement that is not listed.

Sicme MQ Series AC motors can be used in:

Cable transport
Sheet metal working machines
Machine tools
Plastic extruders
Blowing machines
Woven wire manufacturing machines
Industrial washing machines
Amusement rides
Thread/cable manufacturing machines
Steel/copper cable working machines
Board working machines

The asynchronous motors MQ series have been specially engineered to achieve reduced dimensions, high performances in variable speed applications with flux vector type controllers. They were born due the great experience of two important companies in the field of industrial automation: Magnetic Motors & SicmeMotori.

The main feature is in the laminated stator pack which carries out the functions of the frame and integrates the air circulation system. In particular, these motors, even though they are sensibly more compact, make it possible to achieve very high specific powers with regard to a standard motor with the same shaft height. The distinctive electromagnetic and mechanical design permits operation in constant power mode at maximum speeds of up to 8000 RPM. The efficient stator cooling system uses an auxiliary electrofan to combine the benefits of reduced dimensions and high, continuous, low-speed torque capability.

They are three-phases asynchronous motors with squirrel-cage, low losses laminated sheet with square frame visible from external of motor, a compact structure independent electrofan to obtain the following characteristics:

- High power with relation to the external size
- Small external dimensions
- High rotation speed (up to 8000 rpm)
- Maximum and continuous torque are available even at low speed
- Small moment of inertia of the rotor
- Degrees of protection IP54 and IP23
- Dimensional and power comparability with direct current motors.
- Ventilation and speed transducer incorporated in the motor structure
- High mechanical robustness
- High precision of rotation speed
- Insulation class F (CEI EN60034-1)

They are available with 10 different shaft height (frame size 100-132-160-180-225-280-355-400-450-500 mm) with power ranging from 2,5 to 3600kW. In addition the MQ motors can also be manufactured with larger shaft height sizes on customer’s request.

Standard mechanical protection degree available are: closed solution in IP 54 and an open solution in IP 23. Other solutions are available upon request.

The cooling of the motor is provided by an axial or radial electric fan, mounted in the rear of the motor (no drive end side of coupling).

It is assumed that the environment is:
dry, i.e. with relative humidity of the air below 75%. However, an excessively dry atmosphere (below 20% relative humidity) can cause commutating difficulty (excessive brush wear).
clean, i.e. without appreciable quantities of dust and dirt in general, suspended in the air.
free of chemical agents, i.e. without concentrations of gas or vapours that could chemically harm the copper, iron, aluminium,paints and insulation.

Sicme MQ Series AC motors can also be installed in difficult environments (damp, dusty, chemically harmful, etc.) but in this case the degree of protection, method of cooling and possibly the choice of materials must be agreed upon prior to ordering.

All MQ Series motors may be installed in environments with temperature down to –15°C and stored in environments with temperature down to –30°C.

Cooling - Frame Sizes 100 - 280, IP 23

A centrifugal fan is mounted radially to the motor.  Compliant to IC06

MQ Series Asyncronous Vectorial AC Motor Dimensions - 132 Frame - IP 23

MQ 132 IP 23 Dimensions

MQ Series Asyncronous Vectorial AC Motor Dimensions - 132 Frame - IP 23

Frame Size A B D E F GA L LB WW ZZ
MQ132 K 216 308 Ø 48k6 110 14h9 51,5 620 510 142 M16
MQ132 S 216 368 Ø 48k6 110 14h9 51,5 680 570 202 M16
MQ132 M 216 408 Ø 48k6 110 14h9 51,5 720 610 242 M16
MQ132 P 216 473 Ø 48k6 110 14h9 51,5 785 675 307 M16
MQ132 X 216 518 Ø 48k6 110 14h9 51,5 830 720 352 M16

Flange Dimensions refer to B35 version.

Drives and Automation Ltd are the sole UK agent for the Sicme Motori range of high quality AC and DC motors, and have been supplying them to UK industry for many years.

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