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Sicme DC motors have been successfully installed in industrial and marine applications all over the world for more than 40 years.

The new generation of SICMEMOTORI Direct Current motors heralds a rebirth of the DC motor and drive field, offering reliable and robust design motors with proven quality and performance.

The new series P-NP motor range include 21 shaft heights from 80mm through to 800 mm with power outputs from 0.5 kW to 2,200 kW. The motors comprise a fully laminated frame suitable for all applications where variable speed is required, including applications for plastic extrusion, paper machines, steel rolling mills, hoisting, and all manner of industrial speed control.

A comprehensive range of mounting and cooling formats are available in accordance with IEC / CSA standards and include force ventilated, water cooled, weather protected and air to air cooling formats. The series is further enhanced with a wide range of accessories such as tachogenerators, pulse encoders, over speed switches, brakes, brush wear devices, filters, heaters, thermistors in winding / bearing.

Further to the P-NP range is a comprehensive range of SICMEMOTORI special Direct Current motors including heavy duty steel mill (Mill motors) SM-ML series according to AISE Standards, explosion proof and pressurized DC motors and high speed DC motors to 10,000 RPM.