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Steel Mill Duty Motors from Sicme Motori.

Manufacturer: Sicme Motori

Range: SM/ML Series Heavy Duty Industrial DC Mill Motors

Typical applications:

  • Steel Mills
  • Rolling Mills
  • Aluminium Mills
  • Mining

Sicme Motori steel mill heavy duty DC motors series SM-ML (MILL motors) have been designed for use with variable speed drives in heavy duty applications such as steel mills and rolling mills.  The DC Motors have skewed armature slots to ensure low torque ripples at slow speed.

The Sicme Motor SM-ML heavy duty industrial Mill Motors are available up to 17400Nm and are in use in mining and Mill applications around the globe. Our extensive DC Motor and Drive experience means custom motors are no obstacle, so if you are looking for a Mill Duty motor for a new application or are wanting to upgrade an existing installation or simply have a motor on hand that can be dropped in as required, we have the know how to make it happen.

These motors exactly meet A.I.S.E. Standard requirements in terms of:
– outputs (torques, speeds, powers, etc.)
– overall and coupling dimensions
– dimensions and positioning of ventilation openings
so they are fully interchangeable with a DC motor of same frame size manufactured in accordance with A.I.S.E. Standards

Motor design


  • Ratings, operating features and outline dimensions according to A.I.S.E. technical report No. 1 – 1991/IPSS 1-03-002-94
  • General features and testing according to IEC60034-1


  • From 3-phase fully controlled bridge (no yoke required if armature current form factor is 1,05)


  • VPI (with solventless resin)

Winding terminals:

  • TIG welding of armature coil connections to commutator


  • Class H

Temperature rise:

  • 110°C

Ambient temp:

  • 40°C max (without derating)

Altitude of installation:

  • 1000 m.a.s.l. max (without derating)


  • ISO 2373, grade “N”

Mounting arrangement:

  • IM1004 (B3), horizontal with feet and 2 tapered shaft ends


  • Removable and replaceable shaft, with 2 tapered extensions (taper 1:9,6 – 1 ¼ per foot)
  • On each extension a nut and a split lockwasher are provided.
  • Shaft guard is fastened on the commutator end


  • Convertible between TENV and TEFV enclosure or with top mounted blower unit
Enclosures Degree of
Type of
Description Sicme Motori code
TENV Totally Enclosed Not Ventilated CNV IP55 IC410 ST
TEFV Totally Enclosed Forced Ventilated (by external and separate source) CBA IP55 IC37 ST
DPFG-BV Drip-Proof Fully Guarded , Blower Ventilated PVA IP23 IC06 OR
DPFG Drip-Proof Fully Guarded PV IP23 IC01 OR
DPFG-SV Drip-Proof Fully Guarded, Separately Ventilated BPVA IP23 IC16 OR
TEAAC Totally Enclosed Air-to-Air Cooled CBARO IP55 IC666 OR
TEWAC Totally Enclosed Water-to-Air Cooled CBARH IP55 IC86W OR

* IEC60034-5

** IEC60035-6

ST: Standard
OR: On Request

Terminal box:

  • No terminal box, loose hanging leads as standard (right side facing DE)

Thermal protection:

  • N°. 1 thermoprotector on auxiliary windings as standard

Full speed, half speed and quarter speed design available.

Motor design: SM 802-804 series
– Steel fabricated, split frame
– Heavy-duty roller bearings with easily removable bearing housings

Motor design: ML 806-818 series
– Fully laminated stator core, no split frame
– Compensating windings (as option on frames 806-808-810, as standard on frames 812-814-816-818)
– Heavy-duty roller bearings
Fully laminated machines have the relevant advantage to accept extremely high current gradients (200In/sec). These motors are built to withstand frequent and extremely rapid current pulses, arising from static converters.

Options available
– 1 tapered shaft end only (IM1003)

– 1 (IM1001) or 2 (IM1002) cylindrical shaft ends
– terminal box
– different kind of thermal protection (Pt100, PTC, etc.)
– tachometers, pulse generators, overspeed switches
– anticondensation heater- brakes
– etc.

Typical installations include:

  • Steel Mills
  • Rolling Mills
  • Aluminium Mills
  • Mining

Product brochure: Sicme Heavy Duty DC Mill Motors

Manufacturer website:


Inspection Visits

At Drives and Automation our Motor Design Engineers will work closely with your Electrical engineers to ensure the proposed solution meets your requirement.  After you have ordered your motor, we can even arrange an accompanied factory acceptance visit to give you opportunity to inspect your motor prior to dispatch. Our office will take care of your travel arrangements so you can focus on the task in hand.

Typical schedule includes:

Day 1 PM – Arrival at UK Airport Hotel, meet your Drives and Automation representative, Evening Meal

Day 2 AM – Breakfast, Flight to Italy, arrive lunchtime.  Short journey to factory and then lunch.

Day 2 Afternoon – Inspection of your new SM-ML Heavy Duty DC Mill motor.  Sicme Motori’s engineers will conduct a variety of tests on your motor with you.  Copies of test results will be made available and you will be able to make a close up inspection and take pictures of your motor when safe to do so.

Day 2 Evening – Check in to your Hotel, evening meal hosted by Sicme Motori

Day 3 AM – Depart Italy, arrive at UK approx lunchtime.


If you are looking to replace your existing Heavy duty industrial DC mill motor with a high quality Sicme Motori SM-ML Series Heavy Duty DC motor, contact us today to discuss your requirements.


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