AC drives available to buy online from Drives and Automation Ltd.
The Optidrive E3 AC Drive, manufactured by Invertek  is available in a range of IP 20 and IP66 enclosures.

The IP20 offers you protection for fingers or similar objects but not fluids. It is a compact, robust and reliable general purpose drive for panel mounting.

The IP66 is an enclosed drive for direct machine mounting.  The IP66 Optidrive E3 is both dust-tight and ready for washdown duty. Water can be projected in powerful jets (12.5mm nozzle) against the enclosure from any direction.

The M200 and M700 series drives from Nidec / Control Techniques.

The Control Techniques Unidrive M200 series AC drives are designed specifically for industrial applications. Led by the results of extensive research, each Unidrive M model is designed for specific application needs identified within industry.

If you have an aging Commander SK, the Control Techniques Unidrive M200 Series drive offers the perfect upgrade pathway. And has the same dimensions and mounting points as it’s predecessor.

Like the M200, the Control Techniques Unidrive M700 AC drive was designed specifically for industrial applications, and offers a range of options.

If you have an old Unidrive SP, then the M700 Series is your default upgrade choice.

Drives and Automation are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Control Techniques AC Drives, not only can we supply them to you, we can also install them.