Simple Open Loop Inverters

M200 delivers an economical open loop drive for general Manufacturing Automation applications, with Control Techniques’ proven quality and class leading motor operation.
Unidrive M200 benefits include:
Quick and easy to install and configure
Reduce machine size and cost
Save energy
Robust design for manufacturing and environments

400V Inverters

Part NumberInput PhasesPower (kW)Current (A)Frame sizeDimensions (mm)
(H x W x D)
M200-02400013Three0.371.32205mm(H) x 75mm(W) x 150mm(D)
M200-02400018Three0.551.82205mm(H) x 75mm(W) x 150mm(D)
M200-02400023Three0.752.32205mm(H) x 75mm(W) x 150mm(D)
M200-02400032Three1.13.22205mm(H) x 75mm(W) x 150mm(D)
M200-02400041Three1.54.12205mm(H) x 75mm(W) x 150mm(D)
M200-03400056Three2.25.63226mm(H) x 90mm(W) x 160mm(D)
M200-03400073Three37.33226mm(H) x 90mm(W) x 160mm(D)
M200-03400095Three49.43226mm(H) x 90mm(W) x 160mm(D)
M200-04400135Three5.513.54277mm(H) x 115mm(W) x 175mm(D)
M200-04400170Three7.5174277mm(H) x 115mm(W) x 175mm(D)
M200-05400270Three11275391mm(H) x 143mm(W) x 192mm(D)
M200-05400300Three15305391mm(H) x 143mm(W) x 192mm(D)
M200-06400350Three15356391mm(H) x 210mm(W) x 221mm(D)
M200-06400420Three18.5426391mm(H) x 210mm(W) x 221mm(D)
M200-06400470Three22476391mm(H) x 210mm(W) x 221mm(D)
M200-07400660Three30667557mm(H) x 270mm(W) x 280mm(D)
M200-07400770Three37777557mm(H) x 270mm(W) x 280mm(D)
M200-07401000Three451007557mm(H) x 270mm(W) x 280mm(D)
M200-08401340Three551348803mm(H) x 310mm(W) x 290mm(D)
M200-08401570Three751578803mm(H) x 310mm(W) x 290mm(D)
M200-09402000Three9020091108mm(H) x 310mm(W) x 290mm(D)
M200-09402240Three11022491108mm(H) x 310mm(W) x 290mm(D)