Our DC Drive Range

DC Drives from Nidec (Control Techniques)

Mentor MP is Nidec (Control Techniques) 5th generation DC drive and integrates the control platform from the world’s leading intelligent AC drive, Unidrive SP.

This makes Mentor MP the most advanced DC Drive available, giving optimum performance and flexible system interfacing capability.

Mentor MP has been engineered as an easy replacement for Mentor II. With the same footprint it is so easy to migrate to the new Mentor MP platform!

Drives and Automation are one of the UK's leading suppliers of Control Techniques DC Drives, not only do we supply them, we also install them. We offer commissioning packages on most drives to take the worry out of upgrading or replacing your old drive.  Our experienced engineers can commission your drive to minimise your downtime.

Control Techniques Mentor MP 2 and 4 Quadrant DC Drives are available in a range of sizes from the 9kW MP25A4 up to the 700kW MP1850A4R in a variety options:

2 Quadrant 4 Quadrant Armature Current Power
MP25A4 MP25A4R 25A 9kW
MP45A4 MP45A4R 45A 15kW
MP75A4 MP75A4R 75A 27kW
MP105A4 MP105A4R 105A 38kW
MP155A4 MP155A4R 155A 56kW
MP210A4 MP210A4R 210A 75kW
MP350A4 MP350A4R 350A 125kW
MP420A4 MP420A4R 420A 150kW
MP550A4 MP550A4R 550A 200kW
MP700A4 MP700A4R 700A 250kW
MP825A4 MP825A4R 825A 300kW
MP900A4 MP900A4R 900A 340kW
MP1200A4 MP1200A4R 1200A 450kW
MP1850A4 MP1850A4R 1850A 700kW