Commander ID300 is our new integrated high performance drive solution to control IMfinity® induction motors from 0.25 to 7.5 kW.
The system, with a decentralized configuration offers greater flexibility in machine & plant design.
As no cabinet is required, Commander ID300 is a cost effective and space saving solution. Having no shielded or long cables reduce interference emission and lower power losses.
You benefit from all the functions of a variable speed drive in a simply and compact way.

Robust and reliable system

The system offers guaranteed performance and a protection against the three main causes of failure on the field:


  • Electronic components encapsulated in resin
  • IP55 (65 on request)
  • Aluminium drive housing
  • Protected and robust IP68 external fan


Wide range of supply voltage to compensate for the variations and disturbances of the different power supply networks allowing to export the machines in complete quietness


The motor and drive associations have been simulated and tested at nominal rating over the speed and torque range. For variable conditions, an additional fan is easily mountable

Commander ID300 provides machine performance optimization:
• Onboard PLC with real-time task to execute a substantial range of sequencing and logic IEC61131-3 programs. No need of additional PLCs
• Onboard pump program to regulate the pressure (constant pressure / variable flow) and the starts of back-up pumps
• Extra Input/output module fitting easily into the drive
• Precise frequency follow-up from an encoder instrumented bearings or inductive sensors (useful for counters or simple positioning)

The fieldbus communication substantially enhance the way of controlling your machine:
• Facilitate the design of your control architecture
• Intelligent mean and most cost effective option of linking, controlling and monitoring your system
• Increased productivity through precise measurements
• Technological simplicity and familiarity for your application
• Interoperability through open standard fieldbus : Profinet, Ethernet, Ethercat, etc.
• Simplified and more efficient maintenance (remote maintenance of equipment, etc.)

Commander ID300 integrates safety features to protect users and machines.
• Commander ID302, a variant of ID300, offers onboard safety functions for compliance with the highest safety standards SIL3 (Safety Integrity Level 3) and PLe (Performance Level e)
• Thermal memory protection to protect the motor against overloads even in case of low power supply (UL approved EN61800-5)
• Full control of the brake sequencing and brake power supply with the brake control option

Commander ID300 options

Commander ID300 integrates many functionalities to meet specific requirements of the applications.
To ease the installation and setup, most of the options are factory fitted.

LED and command side flanges

Drive side flange for local control with 1 potentiometer to easily set the frequency reference, 3 command buttons (Run Forward / Run Reverse / Stop) and 3 LED

Drive side flange for local control with 1 potentiometer to easily set the frequency reference and 3 LED

Drive side flange with 3 LED

ID-BASE-FLANGE (standard)
Blank side flange when remote control is used e.g. with a fieldbus network

• LED informations:
Yellow: not assigned by default, can be set according to the application needs (user setting)
Green: supply OK (permanent) or Drive active (flashing)
Red: Ttrip (permanent) or alarm (flashing)
Trip code can be displayed if a keypad or a PC laptop with Connect software is connected to the drive (RJ45 connection)
• Mounting arrangements: either side of the Commander ID300/302

Side flange with 3 plugs (1xM25 + 1xM20 + 1xM16) for power and control wiring arrangement, and one RJ45 connector to allow direct and quick communication between the drive and Field keypad RTC or Connect software installed on PC/laptop
• Mounting arrangements: on the right seen from the motor drive end only

ID-4 CABLE FLANGE (standard)
Side flange with 4 plugs (1xM25 + 1xM20+ 2xM16) for power and control wiring arrangement
• Mounting arrangements: either side of the Commander ID300/302
• Cable gland kits and PC isolated serial communications lead are available to order

Braking Resistors

Braking resistor to rapidly decelerate a load or to hold back an overhauling load. These dedicated braking resistors have thermal protection included
Size 1 and 2: ID-SIZE1-DBR200 (200 W, 200 Ω)
Size 3: ID-SIZE3-DBR400 (400 W, 100 Ω)
• Mounting arrangements: back side of the drive

Brake control option

ID-SIZE1-Brake Contactor and ID-SIZE3-Brake Contactor
Allows the drive to easily control a motor with FFB brake by using a dedicated drive preset configuration
Size 1 and 2: ID-SIZE1-Brake Contactor
Size 3: ID-SIZE3-Brake Contactor
• Mounting arrangements: factory-fitted inside the drive

Drive fans

Fan to improve motor and drive performances
Size 1 and 2: ID-SIZE1-FAN
Size 3: ID- ID-SIZE3-FAN
• Mounting arrangements: back side of the drive.
For some drive and motor associations, the fan is mounted as standard.


ID-SIZE1-Keypad and ID-SIZE3-Keypad
ID-SIZE1-Keypad for size 1 and 2 drives and ID-SIZE3-Keypad for size 3 drive. The keypad is IP66 and consists of three line plain text, multi-language back-lit LCD display, navigation and command keys for rapid set-up and motor control
• Mounting arrangement: keypad mounted on a terminal cover which replaces the standard one and can easily be fitted by the user (possible keypad rotation of 90° or 180° on the cover)

Field Keypad RTC
Remote keypad with real time clock. The keypad consists of three line plain text, multi-language LCD display navigation and command keys for rapid set-up and motor control. A battery operated real-time clock allows accurate time stamping of events, aiding diagnostics
• Mounting arrangement: The keypad can be easily connected to the drive by the user, using the RJ45 connector of ID-3 CABLE RJ45 FLANGE option. Parameter cloning function available soon

Fieldbus and I/O expansion

PROFIBUS, CANopen, DeviceNet, Profinet RT, Ethernet or EtherCAT module
Size 1 and 2 drives: Those options are module boxes ref ID-SIZE1 + module name
Size 3 drives: they are modules to be integrated SI-+module name for instance SI-PROFIBUS
They allow communication with a fieldbus network (Profibus, CANopen, DeviceNet, Profinet RT, Ethernet or EtherCAT)
2 x Fast M12 connectors for easy connection

Inputs/outputs: this option increases the I/O capability of the drive (digital I/O and analog inputs, relays)
Size 1 and 2 drives: this option is a module box ref ID-SIZE1-I/O
Size 3 drives: this option is a module to be integrated ref SI-I/O
• Mounting arrangement: fieldbus or I/O modules are user fitted. For the module box, it can easily be fitted by the user, replacing the standard cover

EMC Filter

ID-size1-EMC filter-LV-LL, ID-size1-EMC filter-HV-LL, ID-size3-EMC filter-HV-LL
• Commander ID300 is intended for use in the second environment according to IEC 61800-3:2004 and EN 61800-3:2004+A1:2012 standards. For better emission compliance, the external filter should be added e.g in residential environment
• Mounting arrangements
Size 1: can easily be fitted by the user on the side of the drive
Size 3: can easily be fitted by the user inside the drive

Commander ID300 system, with or without brake

As the motor and drive have been specifically designed for use in combination, the highest levels of performance are offered to drive the machine.
ID300 offers multiple system configurations with three different efficiency levels: Non-IE (non-rated), IE2 and IE3.   You have the possibility to add a brake and/or a gearbox.

Commander ID300 system with gearboxes

Adapting the speed and torque to the machines driven is the role assigned to the gearboxes.
Leroy-Somer offers 3 ranges of helical gearboxes: Compabloc, Manubloc, Orthobloc, as well as a complete range with worm and wheel gears: Multibloc, offering a broad choice of possible implantations for every application.

Commander ID300 configuration options

  • 2 or 4 pole
  • 71, 80, 90, 100, 112, 132 Shaft Height
  • 0.25kW to 7.5kW (Nominal Power)
  • Non Rated / IE2 / IE3 Efficiency levels
  • Foot mounted B3, B6, B7, B8, V5, V6
  • Flange mounted B5, V1, V3, B14, V18, V19

Price on application

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